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Automated Email Notifications from Events - Simplified


Automated Email Notifications from Events - Simplified

Understanding ServiceNow and Its Capabilities

In today's IT service management, staying updated with real-time changes is essential. ServiceNow, a robust platform, offers the functionality to set up automated email notifications for specific events. This guide explores how to utilize this feature to enhance team communication and efficiency. ServiceNow isn't just another IT tool; it's a comprehensive platform transforming how IT services are managed. Integrating various functions into one system, it simplifies complex processes and enhances operational efficiency. This guide will tap into these capabilities, focusing on creating custom email notifications.

The Scenario: Email Notifications for New User Account Creation

Consider this: your IT team handles numerous user account creations daily. Keeping track of these in real time can be challenging. You want to set up an email notification for every time a new user account is created, detailing the account name and creation date.

Setting Up Automated Email Notifications in ServiceNow

  1. Registering an Event in ServiceNow

    • Navigate to the event registry (sysevent_register) in ServiceNow.
    • Create a new event by clicking New.
    • Name your event, linking it to the relevant user account table.
    • Set the trigger as a business rule.
    • Save your new event.
  2. Creating a Business Rule for Event Triggering

    • Access the Business Rule (sys_script) table.
    • Create a new rule by selecting New.
    • Give your rule a name and connect it to the user account table.
    • Activate the rule and make it Advanced.
    • In the scripting area, add a code to trigger your event when a new account is created.
(function executeRule(current, previous /*null when async*/) {
    // Your custom code here
    gs.eventQueue('', current, current.u_account_name, current.sys_created_on);
})(current, previous);

Note: Replace '' with your chosen event name.

  1. Configuring the Email Notification
    • Locate the Notifications (sysevent_email_action) table.
    • Initiate a new notification with New.
    • Define the notification, selecting the user account table.
    • Set the trigger to Event is fired, linking it to your event.
    • Choose who will receive the notification and craft the message content.

Testing and Troubleshooting

After setting up, it's crucial to test the notification system. Create a test user account and monitor your email for the notification. If issues arise, troubleshoot by checking your event and business rule configurations. Remember, accurate setup is key to reliable notifications.

Advanced Customizations and Considerations

Once you're comfortable with basic notifications, explore ServiceNow's advanced features. Customize your email templates for clarity and branding, and consider integrating with other ServiceNow modules for a more holistic approach. Also, be mindful of security and privacy in your notifications.


Effective email notifications can significantly impact your IT team's efficiency. This guide provides a starting point for leveraging ServiceNow's powerful features. Explore further, and you'll find numerous ways to optimize your IT service management processes.