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Navigating Change and Cultivating Hope for a Brighter 2024


Navigating through the waves of chemotherapy and the ups and downs of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL) treatment, I find myself at a crossroads this holiday season. The decision to opt for a quiet, at-home celebration wasn't taken lightly, but with my immune system compromised, it feels not just necessary but essential. The reality of being more susceptible to illnesses, even the mildest cold, looms large, especially when I've already faced sickness multiple times during my treatment. Letting go of larger gatherings is tough, but it's a sacrifice I need to make for my health.

This year, Thanksgiving and Christmas will look different. I envision a quiet Thanksgiving dinner, with the comforting background noise of a holiday show on TV, creating a cozy, albeit scaled-down, festive atmosphere. Christmas will likely be an intimate affair, focused on a small, joyful morning with my children. The shift from our usual, larger family gatherings to these more subdued celebrations has been hard on my close family. It's disheartening to see their disappointment, and it pains me to be the reason for this change. To bridge this gap, I plan on making frequent phone calls throughout the holidays, ensuring that I'm still connected with my loved ones, albeit from a distance.

During this time, I've engaged in deep reflection about the value of independence and the importance of forging my own path. This period has allowed me to recognize the benefits of developing my unique niche. While I've been away from work, I've focused on defining a distinct space, contemplating my future professional relationships, and considering the unique contributions I can make when I return. My career holds significant value to me, and I'm looking forward to applying these insights, enhancing both my personal and professional life once I resume work.

As I look back on 2023, I can't help but feel a strong desire for it to end. It's been a challenging year, marked by a relentless barrage of issues. My aspiration for 2024 is simple yet profound: calm and recovery. I yearn for a year that brings closure to ongoing health concerns, establishing more routine and less chaos.

My goals for the coming year are centered around personal growth and tranquility. I aim to continue building my personal streams of income, with the ultimate goal of purchasing land and a house. I envision a place not too far from the city but distant enough to offer tranquility. A place where I can focus on peace and relaxation, and where my kids can have the freedom to be as loud as they wish. It's a dream that symbolizes a fresh start, a space to heal and grow.

2024 holds the promise of a new beginning, a breath of fresh air - embracing calmness, finding closure, and moving forward with renewed hope and determination.